2017 Tour Dates

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2016 Tour Dates


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2014 Tour Dates

Apr 26 (Saturday) Country Music Marathon, Nashville, TN, Rosa Parks- Kroger, 6am-11:45 am w/Chasing Summer

May 3 (Saturday) Musician’s Corner – Centennial Park, 2600 West End Ave. Nashville, TN, 2-5pm w/Chasing Summer

May 20 (Tuesday) Chasing Summer CD Release Show- The Rutledge, Nashville, TN 7pm

Jun 1 European Tour Frankfurt, Germany- w/Chasing Summer

Jun 7 House Concert, Burback, Germany-  w/Chasing Summer

Jun 8 Cafe Couleur Netphen, Germany – w/Chasing Summer

Jun 14 Die LUKE Ludwigsburg, Germany – w/Chasing Summer

Jun 21 Power Konzerte Biel, Switzerland -w/Chasing Summer

Jul 18 FireAbend Festival Bärenwalde, Germany -w/Chasing Summer

Jul 19 Private Event Siegen, Germany – w/Chasing Summer

Jul 26 (Saturday) Schloss Röhrsdorf-Dohna, Germany 8pm w/Chasing Summer

Oct 25 Let The Sun Shine In Tour Costa Rica – w/Chasing Summer

2013 Tour Dates

Apr 21 (Sunday) House Concert -Nashville, TN, donations 5pm (w/Chasing Summer)

Apr 27 (Saturday) Country Music Marathon, Nashville, TN free, 7am-12pm

May 22 (Wed) Anskar Kirche Marburg  Marburg, Germany, 7pm (w/Chasing Summer)

May 24 (Friday) House Concert, Wetzlar, Germany 7pm (w/Chasing Summer)

May 25 (Saturday) House Concert, Rindsdorf, Germany 7pm (w/Chasing Summer)

May 26 (Sunday) House Concert, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany 6pm w/Chasing Summer

May 29-June 3 Wroclaw, Poland- House Concert/Recording Studio “Echo”

Jun 7 (Friday) House Concert, Bergneustadt, Germany -7pm w/Chasing Summer

Jun 8 (Saturday) House Concert, Wilnsdorf/Siegen, Germany 7pm (w/Chasing Summer)

Jun 9  (Sunday) House Concert- Burbach/Siegen, Germany (w/Chasing Summer)

Jun 14  (Friday) FireAbend- In A Pub-Bärenwalde, Germany (w/Chasing Summer)

Jun 16  (Sun) House Concert-Olsberg/Rheinfelden,Switzerland(w/Chasing Summer) 5pm

Jun 21 (Fri) Die Luke-Ludwigsburg, Germany 8:30pm Reserve seats- www.die-luke.info 

Jun 22 (Saturday) -Beilstein, Germany (w/Chasing Summer)

Jun 23 (Sunday)- Beilstein, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (w/Chasing Summer)

Jun 29 (Saturday) Open Air Concert- Diakonissenhaus “Zion” 08280 Schneeberger Str.98 Aue, Germany (w/Chasing Summer) and “gods shepherds” band 7:30pm

Jul 7 (Sunday) Nürtingen, Germany – Open Air Kino  www.stehlampenrock.eu 7:30pm  (w/Chasing Summer)

Jul 14-28 Experience Israel-Tour , Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel (w/Chasing Summer)

Jul 18 (Thursday) Tel Aviv, Israel-Dugit-8pm w/Chasing Summer

Aug 2 (Friday) The Art Factory, Kandern, Germany, 7pm w/Chasing Summer

Aug 3 (Saturday) Open Skys Festival, 6pm www.openskys.de Nuertingen, Germany (w/Chasing Summer)

Aug 4 (Sunday) Zeldstadt-Nordalb, Germany w/Chasing Summer

Aug 10 (Saturday) House Concert, Giessen, Germany, 7pm w/Chasing Summer) and Tess Wiley

Sept 6 (Friday) The Well, Nashville, Tennessee, 6:30pm w/Chasing Summer) and Aaron Cox, Free Show!

Oct 6 (Sunday) Jackalope Brewery, Nashville, TN, 2pm-5pm w/Chasing Summer)


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