Tammy Rochelle is an accomplished Nashville-based singer/songwriter and performing artist.   Serving up authentic, straight from the heart folk-rock, Rochelle has independently released five solo albums since 2000 and is working on her sixth.  She has logged eleven international tours through Europe and has played throughout the USA, Nicaragua, Canada, Australia and Africa.  After playing at the World’s Fair/Expo 2000 in Hannover for 5 months, Tammy played a coveted performance at the 2000 World’s Fair Main Stage and also performed for the Guiness World Book of Records Television Show.

Although she has recently joined forces with husband Joseph Bamber to form the Americana-infused stompgrass duo Chasing Summer, Rochelle is never afraid to take the stage alone.  With the depth and maturity of Sheryl Crow, the warmth and appeal of Colbie Callait, the soulful, pop edge of Sara Bareilles and a touch of ethereal, sultry blues, Rochelle captivates any audience with her playful melodies and thoughtful lyrics.  

Rochelle is always open to diverse, collaborative projects.  You’ll hear Rochelle’s mystical vocals on platinum selling hip hop artist Raptile’s song “Mind Elevation,” which receives extensive airplay in Germany, Japan and Israel.  Her voice, melody, and lyrics also grace several jazz originals with Polish jazz academy musicians in the band “Echo”.

“Liberty Spoke To Me,” Rochelle’s 5th solo project, serves as a true break-through album, thanks to producer Seth Jones (Mindy Smith, Matthew Perryman Jones, Jonny Lang).   All-star musicians on the album –  Tommy Harden on drums (Reba McEntire), David LaBruyere on bass (John Mayer), Derek Wells on electric guitar (Sara Evans/Josh Turner), and Ben Shive on keys (Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz) – helped Rochelle to tell an empowering story of breaking through oppression into freedom.

Few artists can explore difficult emotional territory without the music ever becoming dark or heavy.

Rochelle’s songs seem to tell us that although we walk through pain, hurtful relationships, and loneliness, our lives are simply a journey along a winding road – sometimes beautiful, sometimes dark and cold – but always moving forward.  Her lyrics remind us that “this too shall pass.”  Never do we walk alone, and with faith we can always love again, no matter how deeply we have been hurt.

Originally from the sunny coast of North Carolina, Rochelle’s journey has taken her west where she now calls Nashville her home.  

“When you have passion in your heart, let it be the train that drives you.” –  Tammy Rochelle

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